My Yoga Teaching Journey – From the Lounge Room to the Board Room

1999: 1 year after I began My Health, then a natural healing clinic offering spiritual counselling and massage, I embarked on my yoga teaching journey.  I could only do 1on 1 sessions in my small clinic so in order to offer group classes, I taught from home in my (then) Surfers Paradise apartment on the Gold Coast. I would push my minimal furniture away and we would do yoga on the lounge room floor. A big class was 5 people, the usual size was 2-3 people! Often no-one turned up, yet I took this opportunity to do my own practice which was not always asana – in fact I usually visualised or wrote down my dream for the future of my business.  They were ecstatic moments, indulging in my greatest fantasises of how I would like my life to look.  This picture of me is on that same lounge room floor at age 23 🙂

So here’s to all you budding teachers or new teachers who have the same dream as I did. Keep your heart pure, believe in the power of love, yoga and healing, trust in abundance, conquer your fears, dream the impossible dream! My Health has now grown into that business I visualised, with 2 full time studios and healing clinics; yoga, massage and healing courses offered locally and internationally; a yoga and healing association (MHA); plus online yoga and meditation classes (MHY TV)… and I still have time to walk my beautiful dogs every day!

I am constantly challenged and nourished all at the same time as the director of My Health. This spiritual work for self and guiding others is not easy at times, running a business is certainly an ongoing responsibility, however, the blessings are plentiful and my soul continues to expand. I allow myself to stop and sleep when I need and in authenticity the success of My Health miraculously continues. I bow to all the courageous souls who are living their dream. Keep going forward, moment at a time. Love yourself and all who come across your path, especially the ones who you play your ‘stuff’ out with. Claim your JOY and your right to shine.

To all our graduating yoga teachers who have doubts about their worth as a yoga teacher, remember it’s how you make your students FEEL that matters most. Nobody remembers how much knowledge you have, how great your Sanskrit is, or how technical your skills are – what they remember is how you made them FEEL. As a new teacher, be kind to yourself and know you are ENOUGH. Turn up to each class you teach with an intention to serve, to create a space for people to feel the joy of living and a deep love of self. Be authentic with all your interactions, knowing you serve others by simply being yourself. Be compassionate with yourselves as you make this transition from trainee to teacher, accepting you will have doubts and fears. Acknowledge your trepidation yet know that if you let the fear win, you inhibit the profound opportunity to WORK FOR THE LIGHT and make an immense difference in the lives of many. Many of you don’t wish to teach formally, yet it is still important to speak your truth and to practice seeing the pure soul in others, even if just with passing strangers. You are all needed to assist the awakening of collective consciousness. Go forth and SHINE ON. We are so inspired by you all!


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  • What a journey and you kept the faith… you are adorable but how cute ere you at 23! Well done lady! xx

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