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September 28th, 2015

Using others to get where you want to go. Running a successful business means we are continuously inundated with requests for help to boost other’s profiles, advertise their events or products, share posts on our Facebook page, sell ideas to our hundreds of trainees, invites for coffee to ‘pick your brain’ and more. It can be a very challenging aspect of the business, learning loving and diplomatic ways to say no. Simply put, I would need 10 of me to be able to accommodate these requests. I recently started working for Australian Yoga Journal as their sub-editor and suddenly realised the temptation for wanting to promote my business within their highly successful magazine. What I have learnt is I need to see the bigger picture of what this publication is all about and that is offering a balanced and diverse yoga spectrum. I thank the beautiful and wise couple who run the mag for knowing how to maintain their integrity. It’s the same with MHY – we have our own unique vision of what we believe yoga is and we have a right to promote only that which supports this vision. My intention for this post is to strongly encourage all new business owners within the yoga and healing industry to FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE and celebrate yourself daily by being bold enough to keep promoting your vision. You are enough. Your way is needed. The Universe did not make a mistake in creating you in your own divine way with your own incredible and special talents. Shine! You don’t need to ride on anyone’s coattails. You don’t need to do things the way another studio, teacher or clinic does. You only need to rejoice in YOU and be courageous enough to broadcast it. Then the success you seek will come. No more gimmicks, no more formulas, stop reading the ‘how to’ books – go within and BE YOURSELF. For all of you who want my advice, this is it! LOVE YOU ALL!

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