The Potency of Kundalini

Kundalini energy is the by-product of regular yoga or spiritual practice.  We may feel Kundalini as an acute experience as a rise of energy in our spinal column as we practice asana, pranayama, chanting or meditation; or in a subtle sense as an acknowledgment of how far we have advanced spiritually and within our personal power.  Conversely when we feel flat or energetically ‘heavy’, spiritually disconnected or drawn into a downward spiral of emotions easily, our Kundalini energy has become dormant or stuck.

It is completely normal even for a dedicated yogi or spiritual practitioner to feel both the rising and the sinking of Kundalini.  With awareness, when our Kundalini is restricted, we can adjust our daily practice to re-awaken the ‘cosmic serpent’.  Kundalini is known as the cosmic or rainbow serpent due to the symbolism of a sleeping coiled snake that resides in the base (maladhara) chakra which ‘wakes up’ and travels upwards through the sushumna (spinal column) illuminating each of the 7 main chakras (rainbow colours) ultimately exploding at the crown (sahasrara) chakra where enlightenment for the individual is attained.

How to awaken Kundalini

For people such as yourself who already have a dedicated yoga practice, take time to attune yourself to your deepest knowing and intuition of what feels right to bring yourself back to a place of balance and connection.  More ‘doing’ is not always better.  You may need sleep or just to give yourself permission to lighten up a little if your quest for spiritual advancement has become too serious.  Or perhaps you have allowed the Kapha (inertia) forces to be indulged too much recently and you need to set a realistic schedule to practice your yoga.  What we need to remain balanced and to feel the pleasurable surge of Kundalini again will be different for us all.  Take a moment to close your eyes, breath deeply three times and ask your Higher Self for guidance as to what you need in your life right now to experience the joy and exhilaration of living.  Commit to your Higher Message!

Kundalini & Arousal

Another way many spiritual practitioners feel Kundalini is through sensual arousal.  This can be very confusing for many people who have created separation between their spiritual and sexual lives, yet because Kundalini is initially stimulated in the base and sacral chakras, arousal often accompanies the first signs of spiritual growth.  Imagine your lifeforce energy was suddenly switched on – your appetite for life and feeling good would immediately be supercharged.  Your sensuality would be heightened as you become aware of delicious and loving pulsation of life.  As Kundalini rises up from the lower chakras, the arousal sensation can increase and the pulse of lifeforce can often be experienced in the higher chakras.  Many experienced yogis and spiritual practitioners call this the ‘Cosmic Orgasm’.  It is not something to be feared or to feel ashamed of.  Those people comfortable with their sexuality will rejoice in this experience, however, those who have experienced sexual trauma may be very confronted by these sensations.  Please know this is normal and natural.  With understanding of this process, we can embrace these energetic and physical sensations with a sense of purity and a joy of discovery.

I first experienced a sudden surge of Kundalini years ago when doing a Native American sweat lodge.  We’d been drumming and chanting for quite a while and my mind had become still.  I felt like I had entered a trance and then felt a stirring of pleasurable energy within my base chakra that quickly moved up towards my sacral, then solar plexus chakra.  I was so alarmed that I consciously shut the energy down before it rose higher, frightened other’s might see me in this state of ecstacy.  Oh how I wish now I knew more about Kundalini energy at that time and could trust the process!

Kundalini rising is a personal and sacred experience, whether it be felt as energy rising through the spine, chakras opening, arousal or just knowing you are more connected, joyous and peaceful.  The way we feel our potent spiritual energy can change from day to day so enjoy becoming intimate with the powerful being that is you!

Much love

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