The Inner Critic

The Inner Critic. We’ve all got one. It’s a doozy when we let it run wild. I often like to see myself with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. A classical image we can all relate to. This is a simple way to describe Higher Voice and Inner Critic. The wonderful insight as we practice our yoga and spirituality is that WE HAVE THE CHOICE of which voice to feed. As I get older I am getting less interested in indulging the victim within myself and in others who say ‘It’s too hard..’; ‘It’s not fair…’; ‘It’s easier for you to succeed…’; ‘I’m better than them/less than them because…’. It’s all inner dialogue based on illusions, excuses to inhibit our growth and success and basically stories in our head that we give power to. The Inner Critic can also get vicious – and it’s directed inward to yourself. The way we treat ourselves at times is so abominable that if we were to write those thoughts down, we would be shocked. We deserve better! We deserve to treat ourselves the way we would treat the favourite person in our lives. What can you do right now to praise yourself, adore yourself and see only the good within yourself? What gorgeous term of endearment can you give yourself. If you call others darling, angel, sweetheart, honey, good-looking, beautiful, spunky – I want you to start calling yourself that TODAY! It goes from there. Once you begin treating yourself like some wonderful and powerful expression of the Universe, the ability to feed the Higher Voice and quieten the Inner Critic gets so much easier. So my angel and devil are still on my shoulders but I am the one who gives them permission to speak! 


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