Terrorist attacks in Lebanon, France and Kenya.

Heavy hearts, bewilderment and deep shock all accompany the recent news of terrorist attacks in Lebanon, France and Kenya. Feel it all until it rocks your core. Then take action. Send light, send love, envision a world full of peace not just today but every day. The path of the yogi or healer is full commitment to the creation of an enlightened society by practicing day in, day out. Choose not to return to ignorance once the news broadcasts die down. Rather set up a daily practice to send peaceful, loving waves out to the collective consciousness, whether through prayer, meditation, selfless service, chanting, asana or a modality that connects you deeply. Yes it does make a difference. Above all, trust and know that every soul cannot be given more than they can cope with. Every soul can rise from the deepest agony and pain into a fully empowered spiritually aware being. Whilst it may not sound reasonable to our logical minds, we choose severe challenges in our human incarnation to grow in consciousness. As souls, we choose key moments of seemingly insurmountable pain to learn in this lifetime what the soul requires. We can never make sense of this with our logic so don’t even try. Instead trust that those directly affected by heart-wrenching atrocities can grow in peace and liberty. This includes the perpetrator and those perpetrated upon. The understanding of impermanence is key here. Nothing lasts forever. No pain, no matter how great, can destroy you. The light will always prevail. Trust in the Divine Plan, not with your head, but with your heart.


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