‘Owning your stuff’…

September 27th, 2015

The only way to be free! Acknowledging your part in an interpersonal dynamic is not easy as it requires transcending the need to be a ‘right-fighter’, however, it is the most effective way to free yourself from a pattern of blame and hurt. The gift is to yourself as much as the person you are baring your soul to. If we are realistic, we can accept that we are never going to be 100% right in all our actions and words so it makes sense to admit when we have operated in a less than appropriate way. ‘Owning your stuff’ goes deeper than just an apology for unjust behaviours, however. It involves being so transparent to another that you can explain why you have certain reactive patterns, when and where the pattern emerged and how you are choosing to grow from your awareness of your ‘stuff’. It may mean that you have to STOP and SIT to shine the light on your feelings and patterns. To reveal yourself to another means you have to be fully in touch with WHO YOU ARE and why you behave in certain ways. The true SPIRITUAL WARRIOR is wiling to be accountable and do the inner work to maintain inner and outer peace.

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