Into the 5th Dimension

5th dimensionSo many people have asked me what it’s like now that I’ve brought co-owners into my 18 year old business and no longer have so much on my ‘to do’ list. I can tell you having so much extra support to keep our thriving business flowing with integrity and holding true to our vision of being a place to go for spiritual solace is a Goddess-send!  I will admit I’ve had some challenges too. Mainly to do with my ego that wants to be in control.  A feeling of unworthiness has also crept into the mix, as my ego mind plays it’s usual tricks of “you’re not doing enough”, or “no-one will remember all the work you did to create this business”.  It’s been an enormous opportunity to face my ego front on, thank it for it’s feedback and tell it to bugger off.  I’m not sure what the ego wants from me.  I’ve worked my butt off for 18 years creating a spiritual and yoga business in the days when there were only 2 yoga studios on the Gold Coast, no formal yoga studios in Brisbane (only classes in community halls) and no yoga in the fitness centres.  I was up against it!  Some people around me called me ‘Moonbeam’ and tried to convince me my vision for my business couldn’t work.  This only made me more determined, a character trait I’ve had since birth that has been both a blessing and has also got me into a lot of trouble.  I went on to write 4 training courses, open 2 yoga and natural healing centres, create endless jobs and opportunities for others to teach yoga and practice healing, created a yoga and natural therapies association, co-developed Australia’s first online yoga training, did hundreds of healing sessions (mostly for free), taught hundreds of classes and workshops, ran dozens of retreats and created online yoga classes and meditations for public membership.  So ego, is that enough for you?  Can I get some time out now?  Will my ego ever stop? Probably not!  The dance with the devil (ego) will continue, yet I’m finding with maturity and the constant application of self-love, the grip of it’s slimy tentacles is weakening. In saying all this, I must make the point that even if I had done none of the above business undertakings and rather walked the beach everyday, this is still ENOUGH! We all come to this life for different soul purposes and the definition of success is certainly not contained to external manifestations.

Space for Dreaming

This year I’ve had real space for dreaming.  In fact I remember that’s how I first created my business – through dreaming.  By dreaming I mean indulging in rest, creativity, visualisation, prayer, feeling and being.  It’s a delicious Yin space that makes me feel so incredibly connected to Source energy.  I live on my own and can easily go days without seeing anyone (apart from my 2 soul companions, my dogs). I can’t get enough of this deep introspective state.  Miracles are starting to happen.  The more I give myself permission to slow down, the more the connection, success, productivity and abundance speeds up.  Almost like I’ve got a super-fast wi-fi device.  Many times, all I have to do is have a thought of something, and the time for it to manifest is immediate.  When I am ready to work, tasks are done joyously and as if being channelled from Higher Energy.  Old clients tell me they are still having healing sessions with me, yet it occurs in their dream or just by talking to me in the ‘ether’. Business is at an all time high and I am in an abundant flow of giving and receiving.  There is an incredible connection with the other 2 co-owners of My Health, Matty and Carlos where it would seem at times we don’t even need to speak for each other to know what we may need done. Carlos is on the other side of the world so it’s safe to say energy connection knows no boundaries!

Of course, we are all a part of these spiritual shifts in the collective consciousness.  Some people may be unaware of it, frightened even and choose to shut it down.  That’s their truth and it’s their perfect experience.  Others, like YOU who is reading this now, are fully open to this new way of being.  Enough grasping, forcing, manipulating, pleading, pretending, mask-wearing, fatigue-inducing behaviour!  We want to be our authentic selves!  We know we are worthy to live our dreams and in fact, we know that we are serving nobody by buying into our ego head-stuff that wants to keep us ‘safe’ by not boldly living and creating our life purpose.

The 5th dimension is upon us!

What’s the 5th dimension you may ask?  It’s an energy frequency that aligns with your choice to dwell only in love, joy and peace. It comes as a consequence of claiming your ‘I AM’ presence. I AM LOVE. I AM A GODDESS/GOD. I AM WORTHY. I AM ENOUGH. You get the picture! Once there is an absolute knowing and acceptance of your I AM presence, you become infused with Universal Energy. You acquire a Midas touch – everything you do will turn to Gold. Importantly, the ‘Gold’ is experienced within first. You make it your main priority to heal your inner worlds until you are literally sparkling in the power of love and internal harmony. Your outer world then becomes an extension of the beauty of your inner self and presto, what you turn your attention to will manifest. Success and abundance are the result. So often I see people applying formula after formula for success with a kind of external focus and aggressive approach that is either futile or if it does work, creates stress and fatigue. The 5th dimension consciousness is about ease! It’s about trusting that if your feelings tell you to have a day off to dream, it won’t affect your productivity with your work – in fact it will double it (or triple it)! It won’t make sense to the logical mind but that is precisely the point – when dwelling in the 5th dimension, logic has nothing to do with forces that govern your life – only intuition and trusting your intuition can create lasting success, abundance and most importantly joy and peace. It’s a moment to moment connection with yourself and the loving power that resides within you.

In the 5th dimension, you can expect things like:

  • Mind chatter to slow down
  • Time to speed up or slow down as you need it
  • Heightened psychic awareness
  • Ability to channel Higher Wisdom
  • Communication with other humans without speaking
  • Trust in the future to unfold perfectly
  • Direct knowing when someone is lying to you
  • Spontaneous Kundalini rising or other feelings of spiritual ecstasy
  • Communication with angels, guides, loved ones who have crossed over
  • Ability to read omens
  • Physical beauty
  • Radiant energy
  • Ability to manifest at will
  • Ability to sit in painful feelings and allow true healing and transformation to occur without feeling punished by life
  • Plus so much more!

What can we all do to sustain this experience of the 5th dimension? Put yourSELF first! Do what your loving inner voice asks of you and follow the guidance without question. Stop being so busy! Your adequacy does not lie in how much you do. Learn to trust that being is not only important, it is critical to whether you evolve or not. You have the gift of a human life – don’t waste the opportunity to become the highest version of yourself.

See you (feel you) in the 5th dimension!

Love Carrie

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