Banana Flour Crepe with Mixed Berry Chia Jam & Fresh Peaches

Mar 6th, 2015

Banana Flour Crepe with Mixed Berry Chia Jam & Fresh Peaches

Believe it or not this recipe is vegan, gluten free and free from refined sugar. We don’t advocate any particular diet on this page, yet, we do suggest giving your digestive system a break from some of the overdone foods like gluten, dairy & sugar. No rules, just balance!

1 cup banana flour – it’s gluten free and cooks like regular flour! A specialty item you can purchase online or at quality healthfood stores. Otherwise use buckwheat flour
3 tbsp chia seeds
2 cups coconut or almond milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon

Ladle out a pancake size disc in a hot frypan coated lightly with coconut oil. Cook until top looks dry and slightly bubbly (approximately 2 minutes). Flip crepe over, press down lightly with spatula, and cook for additional 2 minutes.

Mixed Berry Chia Jam
1 cup frozen mixed organic berries
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp maple syrup
Blend and allow to set for a few minutes. Add water if you prefer a runnier texture.

Fold over your crepes with fresh peach slices inside and around your plate. Dollop on your jam and scatter some torn mint leaves over.

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