Self-study or Svadhyaya

Sep-10th-2014 Self-study or Svadhyaya is such an important part of the yoga path. One of the niyamas or sacred observances, self-study includes taking time to reflect upon your own thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and contribution to the world. It’s a time to be honest – really honest with yourself and not to stay under the spell…

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Cold & Flu elixirs are needed at this time of year! I’ve been ducking and weaving the flu that was been affecting so many people around me. Whilst I totally believe in a good cold to clean us out once in a while, I do my best to create some home brews when I feel even…

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My home-grown lemons went to good use last weekend as I trialled a new raw dessert recipe. As crazy as it sounds, these kind of desserts actually promote weight loss/management as they are loaded with good fats and thisrecipe in particular has cleansing citrus. Now I’m not skinny (I love my curves) but I have…

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The Charlatan Effect – When good yoga teachers lose their way

Are you true to the spiritual path or has the charlatan crept in? Having trained over 1000 yoga teachers (and counting) plus dozens of Healers, I feel it is imperative to discuss the possible pitfalls of being a spiritual teacher and guide to others.  All we teachers and healers are constantly required to discern what our…

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Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places

The title of this blog, ‘Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places’ is a song my Dad used to sing all the time as I was growing  up (retro 70’s country music!) .  He sang it so much that it became a mantra in my mind.  I laugh now as it was a great message…

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Carrie Ourania Carlos


I’ve had a month of turbulence!  If you’ve noticed a lot of changes within the business, here’s why.  Read on for my story. You may remember at the end of last month our Broadbeach studio flooded.  Being the mystical person I am, I knew this was a sign of some big cleansing that was about…

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Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating.

Conscious Eating. As yogis we have an intention to bring mindfulness to all our actions, including how and what we eat. One of the quickest ways to connect with your food and appreciate its origin and journey to your mouth is to grow it yourself! After watering my herbs this morning I felt such a…

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