Transformations By Zoe-Anne Fields.

Transformations - A Guided Journal is a guide suitable for anyone wanting to discover their innermost thoughts and beliefs . If you work through this guided journal you will discover who you truly are. You will develop your own insights about your world and you will be transformed. Your choices will become mindful and your own eternal wisdom will guide you.  You will feel reborn.

Zoe-Anne Fields is an Intuitive Healer. She has assisted many Souls on their journey through the unraveling of what life seems to be and has helped them to find their own Purpose. She has also worked with many Souls in transition from this life to the next and she has found it a privilege to work with them so they can transition with calm, peace and love. Zoe-Anne is a counselor. She facilitates workshops, teaching Crystal Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Art Therapy, Angel Therapy and Reiki.”

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Some beautiful words about our online Yoga classes from our students:

  • Karen

    “I just wanted to let you know just how much I love the online yoga videos . The posture and alignment cues are very thorough and make me feel as if I’m at an actual class (actually, they are probably much better than some of the classes I have been too!). I also love how you mention the impact on the meridians of the body, which no other yoga instructor has discussed before that I have heard. This resonates with me particularly due to my massage background with a particular interest in acupressure and TCM. I’m really happy.

  • Nat

    “Hi Carrie, Just a quick note to let you know I just completed the Feel the Life Force class…It was Divine!!! Thank you for your kindness, gentle teaching manner & yogic spirit. Namaste!”

  • Sharon

    “Dear Carrie,
    I knew I was in for a treat with this class, however I was not prepared for the opportunity that would come to release some old pain that has probably been trapped in my body since 1995.
    How deeply nuturing this experience was – all through the power of mantras and giving oneself the permission to rest!
    I felt the emotion of this experience so deeply in my being and for that I did weep with joy. Thank you :-)

  • Beth

    “This was a beautiful practice, Carrie; thank you for leading such a a freeing, loving and supportive session. In Savasana, as you verbalised the connection and sharing of energy, I actually felt a physical tingling; it was extraordinary. It made me feel so overflowing that I sent it out to someone else who I thought might need some extra loving support- and THAT person texted me about five minutes later. Incredible! Wonderful! Thank you xxx

  • Sharon

    “I have to say this is my favourite class on your channel….it’s a playful and light….lovely reminder of Santosha…..the backbends…..and the still meditation….this class has it all.
    Today I achieved my first ever side crow arm balance (even if very briefly). Again, THANK YOU x”

  • Julie

    “I started not in the space to do my practice but I did it anyhow. Wow what a sequence half way through I found myself letting go and truly loving my practice it was what I needed thank you so much”


My Health Yoga TV Memberships

For the price of 1 Yoga class you can now also become a member of My Health Yoga TV which will give you unlimited access to all our Yoga video classes.  This is a great way to keep your daily practice without leaving the comfort of your home.  More information HERE.